Share Your Story!

Every child is different. Every family is unique. Parents know their children deserve schools that put them first, and bureaucracy shouldn’t stand in the way. 


Michigan public charter schools are full of fantastic public school teachers. They’re making a difference for Michigan’s kids, because every child is worth it.

Teachers: You have incredible classroom experiences, and those produce incredible stories to tell. Your story matters. Sharing it can make all the difference ensuring every student in Michigan has access to public charter schools that work for them.

Parents: You know what an incredible difference your public charter school – and your public charter school teachers – have had on your child. Sharing it can ensure every other parent has access to the kind of public charter school teachers helping your child succeed.

Alumni: How did your public charter school – and your public charter school teachers – prepare you to succeed in college or a career? By telling your story, you’re fighting to make sure future students have access to a dynamic, student-focused education like the one that worked for you.

Teachers – why do you love teaching at your public charter school? Parents – why did you choose your public charter school, and how has it helped your child? Alumni – How did your school prepare you for success? Was there a teacher who made a difference?