Just the Facts


Public charter schools are public schools, they’re accountable, and they’re innovative so our kids have the opportunity for a great public education at schools that put their needs first.

Public Charter Schools are Accountable

Public charter schools are the most accountable in the state— by a mile!

Public school board. Check. Parental oversight. Check. The same state accountability standards—plus the extra oversight of a public authorizer. Check.

Public charter schools in Michigan are built to put the needs of students first, not the interests of the bureaucracy, and they face the state’s toughest accountability to ensure they meet that standard.

View the Michigan Public School Accountability Scorecard to learn more.

Public Charters Do More with Less by Cutting Through the Bureaucracy to Put Students First

Public charter schools strengthen the public school system by offering students a great public education at schools that put their needs first, so they’re ready for college and tomorrow’s economy.

Michigan’s public education resources don’t belong to the bureaucracy, or to one particular kind of school; they belong to our kids. Public charter schools provide a great education despite receiving significantly less funding than traditional public schools, so more money goes to students instead of going to wasteful bureaucracy.

Public charter schools do more, with fewer taxpayer dollars. What’s more, when a student attends a public charter school, the traditional school in his or her neighborhood continues to receive the same local funding from millages, special assessments, and other revenue sources – while saving the cost of classroom education, textbooks, school supplies, special education programing, and more.

Public Charters are Public Schools

Charter schools are public schools. Every single one of them. They are tuition-free, and open to everyone.

What’s more, every teacher in a public charter is a highly qualified, state certified public school teacher!

Public Charters Open Their Doors for Every Michigan Student

Public charter schools are open to every student and embrace every challenge, because every child is worth it! They are tuition-free and have no admissions tests or special entrance requirements. None.

Charter schools are public schools and are prohibited by law from cherry picking students.

Public charter schools in Michigan embrace all of our kids—regardless of their backgrounds or special needs! In fact, public charters educate a comparable percentage of students with special needs as traditional public schools.

By cutting through wasteful bureaucracy, public charter schools offer students of all backgrounds the personal attention, creativity, and passionate teaching they deserve so they’re prepared for success at the next level.

75% of students in public charter schools qualify for federal lunch subsidies, compared to less than half of students in traditional public school.

Many of the students facing life’s toughest challenges—poverty, special needs, bullying, major illnesses, and loss—are educated in public charters. And because public charters focus on students instead of bureaucracy, students are thriving!