Public. Innovative. Accountable. MI Public Charter Schools.
Because every child is worth it.


Public Charters Boost Students.

Public charter schools offer more personalized and specialized learning, which means more students ready for college and careers, because their schools make decisions based on what’s best for students, not the bureaucracy.

Public charter schools step to the plate to ensure every child has access to the quality education he or she deserves. Because every child is worth it. The results? They’re staggering. 

  • 8 of the top 10 schools in the city of Detroit? Public charter schools.

  • Public charters prepare students for college – and beyond.  90% of public charter students graduate on time in the Motor City! 

  • Studies say public charters deliver up to months of additional learning yearly for each student. 

Public Charters Innovate, Because Students Deserve It.

Public charter schools offer every Michigan student specialized and innovative educational opportunities. Instead of making decisions based on what’s best for the bureaucracy, public charters give students the opportunity to attend schools that put their needs first.

  • o   Environmental Sciences. History. Aerospace engineering. College Prep. Moral focus. Aviation. Visual arts. Music. Michigan public charters offer students innovative, specialized learning that puts them first. They are one-hundred percent tuition free and open to every single Michigan student – absolutely no exceptions.

  • Michigan public innovate, with targeted approaches to reach students with serious health challenges, learning disabilities, and the toughest home environments. Because every child is worth the effort.

Public Charters Are Public Schools –
Lead by Certified Public School Teachers.

Public charter schools are free, they’re open to everyone, and they’re helping students succeed in your own backyard! Public charter schools are members of our public school community, and so are the teachers who’ve dedicated their lives to serving Michigan students.

Every teacher at your local public charter school is a state certified public school teacher—and a leader in your community!